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I hope this helps a bit I have about 20 of these.

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I dont know where you found them at but go back and grid the area. I found a large cent with mine!

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If the ground is bare just look around as your detecting. You might find other stuff that isnt metal.

I found indian glass beads and a pipe. Good advice from the above posters. Definitely go back and hit the place again. Slow down your sweep speed and overlap, and dig everything! You currently have 0 posts. User Name Remember Me? The photo shows 2 buttons I dug recently. I would appreciate any information that can help me estimate their age.

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  • The one on the left is smooth on the front and appears to be marked with only "GILT" on the back. The one on the right has a smooth front and a broken shank. I'm hoping they have some pretty good age to them, as I am trying to make the transition from the "age of clad" back to the 's. The majority of the brass 1-piece flatbuttons we dig in the US were imported here from Britain, because the young US button-making industry was unable to mass-produce them until the s.

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    The War-Of caused US consumers to dislike British-made products, so American button-makers sometimes included an American eagle in the button's backmark to signify that it was a US-made button. British-made ones often have a British crown in the backmark. At that time, the word gilt in a button's backmark referred strictly to gold-plating Also at that time, the British had established a set of "Quality" standards regarding the manufacture of metal buttons.

    Unfortunately, the standards were not strictly enforced, so button makers quickly went to playing fast-and-loose with the Quality ratings. I should mention, the American button manufacturers copied the British markings. So unless a backmark tells a British location like London or contains a British spelling such as "colour" instead of color, a quality-rating in the backmark won't tell you whether the button is British-made or US-made.

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    Some of the many examples of "Quality-Rating" in backmarks are: Last edited by TheCannonballGuy; Jul 05, at Added a link to more information. Thank you for insights. I come across many different civilian flat buttons during my hunts and their history is fascinating.

    Attachment Attachment Attachment not sure what this is, A flat button or part of 2 part button? Ajaj, That is one nice collection of buttons. I love finding them.

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    Congrats on your finds. Amergin, It's best to start a new thread asking questions of your new find. You will get more answers. To answer your question though I would say it is a flat button, but a few clear pictures of the front will tell more.

    Flat Button Resource - Help dating button

    Gotta like the old flats. Black glass and Bearded Man bottles. As usual TheCannonballGuy is spot on. Thank you good advice.