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Followers of the sect have been without a homeland, since, and have often been persecuted. The network employs 80, people in 30 countries, operating universities, hospitals and school programs for people in poor and war-torn parts of the world, regardless of their faith. Potentially nothing, but a helicopter ride during the vist may have broken the law. A spokesperson for Dawson declined to confirm whether Trudeau had sought permission for the ride.

Earlier this week Andrew Scheer, an opposition MP and Conservative leadership candidate, asked Dawson to investigate if the visit was a conflict of interest, the problem being that the Aga Khan is chairman and director of the foundation, which is a registered federal lobbyist. Federal conflict-of-interest laws allow the prime minister to take gifts from friends or relatives, but not from lobbyists; which category the Aga Khan falls under appears to be up for interpretation. For his ties to Canada and his reputation as a philanthropist, the Aga Khan has received praise from both Liberals and Conservatives: The 10, square-metre museum, designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, is set among formal gardens near Eglinton Ave.

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Its current special exhibit, Syria: A Living History , features artifacts from the war-torn country. For those who are on Facebook, please see this discussion post to find out more about an Ismaili queers support group based in Toronto but reaching all parts of the globe!

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For those without Facebook, we will be posting the information on this site in the near future. Here it is — Ismaili Queers Support Group! I am Ismaili and everyone knows i am gay. I am very choosy as to whom I speak to and…. On Lail Tul qadre night… I get invited toed to six jamatkhanas in my region to sing ginans. Prince Rahim has a boyfriend? Its wonderful to know that such a group exists in our community. I am a married man and want to start a divorce process. Can anyone suggest me how should I proceed. Its overwhelming to know that such a group exists in a community.

I am a married man and want to start a divorce. Can anyone suggest how should I go about it. I am 33 years old and know its time to seek out and enjoy the Ismaili life. I know it does not sound right, i have not been to JK in 3 years.. I just want to know if there is a JK or some other area i can meet, chat, talk to others.


Send me a private email and we can talk about where you might find a sense of community and perhaps a partner. I saw this on Twitter and came here to say this is a great idea. I wish this group every success. I live in richmond hill, and would like to make some like minded friends. Email me sometime I live in ottawA.

I am an Arab guy interested in meeting other gay Ismaili guys in Vancouver. If anyone is from Vancouver, say Hi! Salaam and Hello Ali. I live in Burnaby, BC and if you r interested, email me at mojan55 ymail. I just bumped into this site today. I was always wondering that am i the only gay man in the jamat, was even scared to connect and communicate to other guyz in jamat…..

Keep the faith, keep true to the Lord and to your family and community. Keep hope alive and remember, it does get better. With love from your Jewish brother, Michael. Is this group is active cause I emailed to ismaili. I m trans FTM from karachi as well pls contact me Write2mehrin hotmail. Thanks for such a great info, I m from Pakistan and belong to lgbt community, I m going to add you on fb in a while to talk further. I support your efforts. Please I am 41 and down in the dumps here in Tanzania: Please add me as a friend on Facebook: It really warms my heart to see such a progressive movement towards acceptance and love coming from a religion that promotes just that.

As an Ismaili, I feel so fortunate to be in a community that truly changes with the time, and to have a leader to decipher the message in a contemporary setting.

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I think that its so silly and trivial to point fingers at someone because they love differently from you. I cannot imagine a God that would promote anything but love for one another. Why does it matter to anyone other than the people involved? Why does anyone think they have the right to judge any other person. When I was younger, religion used to be place to find tranquility, to restore the belief in good and right, to believe in love, to believe in community. I had given up hope until I saw this website.

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The way I see it, my side of this fight promotes more love, and the other side promotes more hate. Just want to say that I am so proud of this organization; its such a courageous and bold move, and I think its exactly what we need. I find that I am a person of interest. Why do I as a gay Ismaili attract so much attention? I sit in khana and try to contemplate who I am. I still question who am I to think such things, but I only find one answer. Who are they to define you?

Let us be us. Aleena, Feel free to email us at ismaili. God bless you all!!! Be yourself and be proud, Ali is by your side! Iam a gay ismaili in Ottawa, Canada. You can contact me at ajassani outlook. I am a gay ismaili in Ottawa canada. Hey i m from india but rt now in usa i m still confused who am i what am i any suggestioj guys i m male if any one from usa and read these plz msg me lanestyle yahoo.

Hey Karima, Send me a quick email at Ismaili. I am straight but would like to congratulate queer Ismaili for this initiative.

I hope more and more people will join the forum. It will only make people feel better about themselves and hopefully will lift the veil of ignorance prevalent in the society. I was born Ismaili but have left recently upon researching religions of the world including Islam and Ismailism. The only religion I now belong to is humanity. Remember he is the guide sent by Allah to some he is Allah himself. If he will not educate the ignorant, who will? I suspect he will not do it, even if he was requested!!

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    Anyone from usa male i m male plz reply me at my email lanestyle yahoo. To all on this site. So there is no sin. Also, we believe, thru our Imam, that there is not conflict between science and religion. Since being Gay is inborn, and proven with science, being Gay, is, indirectly accepted by Ismailis. Nobody wants to accept what we are. Is thier in Canada also ismailies faces the same problems? Both my parents are Ismaili and have been very involved in the community, and my dad was very accepting while my mom was not.

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