You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. January 23, Author: Only date guys your own age. At least until you graduate from college. I know that your male peers look and act horribly immature right now, and the older guys are so attractive, but stick with the same-agers.

Setting Dating Rules & Boundaries with Your Teen

Much about dating and relationships can accidentally turn into a power struggle and a battle for control. Maintaining as equal a playing field as possible will only help you. Yes, I know that I mostly dated older guys, but my favorite ex-boyfriends are all very close to my age! A truly platonic friendship is rare and special. Treasure it if you come across it. If you are lucky enough to be friends first, tread carefully before allowing it to become something else. I always found it much harder to undo the damage of a break-up and get back to the business of being friends than to just experience a little unrequited crushing.

When dressing for a date, ask yourself this one question: Could anybody accidentally mistake this dress, this skirt or these shoes for a stripper costume? If the answer is no, carry on and enjoy your night. Okay, this one is where the awkward part may have begun if I had been allowed to share my tips that night. It sounds much swifter than it was, btw.

If you decide to kiss a boy, kiss him again the following week, again in the movie theater and one more time at the bus stop, this does not mean that by the fifth time you must go to second base. If you decide to kiss him when you are both alone and have loads of time on your hands and nothing else to do, this does not mean you have agreed to go to the next base, though he may try to convince you differently.

If you agree to go to a base one day, this does not mean that you have automatically agreed to go to that base the following day. If you break up with a boy that you went to a base with, you do not need to feel obligated to go to that base again with your next boyfriend. I hope you only go to any base because of love and not for any other reason than to express that love.

Someday you will know a friend who will go to bases in hopes of gaining love, acceptance or popularity, to get attention, to numb a sadness inside her or because she feels obligated.

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Just to be clear: In my day we understood that emotions and feelings were attached to going to bases. Today it looks like kids pretend differently and act cavalier and nonchalant about hooking up.

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Take it from a sage, right now your heart is capable of profound affection and deep hurt. Know that he may kiss bases! You should keep it quiet.

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10 Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

Be kind to each boy you date. Give him a break if he stutters, says the wrong thing or trips while opening a door for you. Yes, I know older guys have already mastered this stuff, but go back to tip 1! If you are finished dating him, try to be as honest as possible without being cruel. The kindness you show to your friends will make you more attractive to boys as you get older. If you ever feel like you are trying to make yourself smaller, less smart, less funny, or less the center of attention to help your boyfriend or date feel better, bigger or smarter, move on from that boy right away.

Your gut instinct is your friend. If you get creeped-out at the thought of being alone with him, listen to that. No matter how broke you are, always carry enough money to pay for your own meal and get yourself safely home. Yes, he should pay for your meal, provide transportation and hold the door for you.


Listen to your gut. She denies it, but…. Before then it had to be a group date. Sometimes I checked and asked to see movie tickets or such — maybe that was a bit much — but I wanted to know that they were not lying to me about what they were doing. She has great girl friends, is active in sports which I think helps greatly by taking up a lot of her time.

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  • My only advice is to be acutely aware of any signs that might indicate a change in routine, friends or interests. Be totally open with her and although I am a male there are still some insights I can offer her in her development. It takes a hard look at many of the big traps that teens will face during their journey from 13 to Peer pressure sex dating attitude media unresolved anger appearance deceit substance abuse busyness the tongue mediocrity pornography false gods.

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    My wife, daughter 10 and I are reading the book together and discussing each chapter. There is a great program offered called Our Whole Lives- the 5 circles of sexuality offered via books or at a local Unitarian Universalist Church. Talk about safety, respect, options.

    Inform her that you want to be involved and that you are a safe space. Perhaps give her a ring, necklace or a token from her special man you and let her know that she has that gift to give to whomever she chooses to be her special man boy she will be intimate with that you will try not to KILL …..