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The Academic Schedule contains a chart of all major deadlines, such as when classes start and end, plus a monthly listing of academic events on campus. Major deadlines The Table of Major Deadlines is a comprehensive chart of all important dates and deadlines. All students should become familiar with this chart. Failure to adhere to these deadlines can result in academic and financial penalty. Students registering for courses are advised to consult the operating hours for Bear Tracks. The Interfaith Calendar is a comprehensive source of information on the primary sacred times for world religions.

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Romantic Date Ideas You Can Take Your S/O On This Fall In Alberta

You've likely got in a routine of spending your time together outside in the sunshine or hiding out inside to beat the heat. Since the seasons have changed, it will soon be too cold for ice cream, beach days, and walks in the park - but that doesn't mean you're stuck with no options but to stay inside and Netflix n' Chill! It's easy to get lazy when the weather gets cold, we get it. When the snow starts to fall, you can barely get me out of bed to go to class - much less to go out on a date.

Realistically though, we all know that all the real relationship fun happens in the fall. Cute coffee dates, skate dates, weekend getaways to the mountains, relaxing spa days, snapping cute photos together in the leaves, Halloween The list is endless!

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Sometimes, you just have to get creative when it comes to brainstorming. Whether you want to go Horseback Riding through the Rocky Mountains, or eat a romantic dinner at the top of the Calgary Tower, we've got you. You may not be able to swim, but you can still kick back, relax, and enjoy the view. The town of Sylvan Lake is home to a boutique hotel or a variety of cozy and welcoming Airbnb's that are perfect for spending a night or two with your boo.

Perhaps one of the most picturesque spots the province has to offer, it only makes sense to explore it with your favourite person! There's also plenty of museums and shops that are worth visiting while in Banff! Surprise your significant other with a super unique date night - a ride on the Aspen Crossing Railway! Not only is this a great way to take in some of the beautiful views that Alberta has to offer, but it's also a really cool dining and entertainment experience. The train offers many themed packages, including wine tasting tours and dinner theatre trips!

Regardless of what you pick, we're willing to bet that your date will be impressed.

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Lol yes I dated an engineer. I was not in engineering and he was in engineering physics getting himself a 4.

UAlberta anthropologist Robert Losey unearths ancient dogs

You'll be fine, and it might be easier for you too as you'll understand what the other is going through better! I'm in comp sci, a similarly gender split faculty, and I've always felt that the initiation should be left to the under-represented gender.

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