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Apr 02, Isha Coleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: With an obvious storyline, Speed Dating proves that light and expected can be as irresistibly surprising as it is funny. The writing team of Chase and Adams know how to spin a twist and create endearingly blissful characters that are hard to resist.

On the hunt for the man of her dreams, Isabella needs the help of her best friend. Can Jace convince his heart's desire that he may just be that man? Mar 01, Maree Repa rated it it was amazing. Written by my all time favourite author, Noelle Adams. Another romantic and exciting of two closest friends complete journey for them both into the truest love of all. Such the most wonderful story of the truest romance of all!! Poor Isabella Warren was at work doing her best to complete Mrs Pendergast hair, colouring and style.

She was a well known lady to her business, bu More than Friends Five Amazing Stars I was thrilled to finally receive the second book from the amazing series Preston's Mill. She was a well known lady to her business, but she was always the most annoying client. She was always complaining. Isabella always tried her best, yet she had always been single.

Living in Preston, where she worked as a hairdresser with her good friend Elise. She never felt she ever needed a man in her life.

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Until the annoying lady brought up her good friend Jace. And she immediately said there wasn't any romance between them both.

Next she wanted to try to date online now. But although Jace, her friend wasn't sure about it at all. But poor Isabella didn't want to be left all alone now. I just adored this most wonderful romantic book. I thoroughly enjoyed this most brilliant wonderful romance. A fun and so enjoyable book this was. Loving all its captivating characters on board made this book made this book a complete winner!! And I just can't wait to get book no Jul 01, Bette Hansen rated it really liked it. Great read Great friends to lovers story that kept me entertained from the first page to the last.

Long time friends Bella and Jace both fun themselves unattached at the same time.

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Have knows he wants more with Bella. But getting her there is more than he expected it to be! I highly recommend this one. Mar 02, Graylark rated it it was ok Shelves: Omg he's been lying to me for years! That's all she focuses on and makes a big deal about? She's also guilty of the same behavior as she found herself having feelings for him before then and didn't admit shit to him either. Also, what a bitch w - Conflicts all entirely based on failures to communicate and lots of jumping to conclusions - I really could not understand what the heroine was all melodramatic about.

Also, what a bitch with that public humiliating rejection. I love her show not tell style. Sadly, this is one of those alternating he and she POV chapter books. Everything is completely revealed to the reader on both sides as you go along, and the only tension comes from wondering when the two will finally act like adults and have an open discussion instead of constantly making wrong assumptions about each other. Hell, the ending was also peculiar. It dragged out the conflict then suddenly resolved it pat with a short boring conversation between them that didn't even reveal anything new.

Mar 21, Lynn Lim rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started this book this morning and could not put it down! I loved it that much. Jace and Isabella Bella have been best friends since high school. But, what Bella does not know, Jace has loved Bella from the very beginning, and will take ANYthing Bella will give him, and if it is just friendship, he will accept that. He does not want to lose her. But, lose her he will if he does not step up and say something. Bella has watched her three sisters either marry or get engaged, and she is a little envious of this.

She wants that for herself, as well, desperately.

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She joins an internet dating site. She starts to see that Jace is actually what she has been looking for all along. Can she take the chance of losing her best friend if she takes that step? Then after the night of the Speed Dating, that ki….. No spoilers from me. The proposal Thank you, Ms. Chase for ALL the hours of reading enjoyment you give to your readers. Kudos Ladies, you definitely have another winner with Speed Dating in my opinion! May 02, Ipshita rated it it was ok Shelves: There was nothing discernibly wrong with this story, just really simple and without much substance to it.

Like eating a bland soup, you can make do with it if you're too hungry but no way am I spending money on it.

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Mar 01, Mona rated it really liked it. Isabella wants to find the perfect man, her true love.

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Everyone is telling her online dating is the key. It just doesn't go as planned. She resorts to Speed Dating, but takes her best friend Jace with her. She has the worst night ever but having Jace makes it not so bad at all. One kiss might have changed things. Jace has always had feelings for Isabella. He just can't tell her. See what happens between them. Mar 14, Michelle Pruett rated it really liked it. Samantha and Noelle work so well together in bringing us great stories every time that it proves the saying "Two Heads are Better than One".

Isabella owns a hair salon in the small town Preston and as she confides in her clients that she would love to find her dream guy,get married,and start a family they take it upon themselves to set up a profile on an onlin Authors Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams come together again to bring us Speed Dating which is the second book of the Preston Mill series. Isabella owns a hair salon in the small town Preston and as she confides in her clients that she would love to find her dream guy,get married,and start a family they take it upon themselves to set up a profile on an online dating site for her.

Isabella is excited about the idea and can't wait to share the news with her best friend Jace. Jace fell in love with Isabella the first time he met her years before when she was dating his friend. Isabella and Jace became best friends and Jace kept his real feelings for her a secret for all these years out of fear of losing her completely if he told her the truth.

When Isabella tells Jace about the dating site he try's to be a supportive best friend but the thought of her dating other men is tearing him up inside.

Isabella goes on a dating spree and after each date she goes right to Jace to tell him how bad the date was. As Isabella uses Jace as a shoulder to cry on her feelings begin to grow for Jace. As feelings are revealed and lies are discovered will Jace and Isabella be able to have a future together? Will Isabella finely see that her dream guy has been there all along? There are some typos in the book as other reviewers have stated but I think the book as a whole is worth overlooking those small errors. It's a cute and quick book that anyone would enjoy. But don't just take my word for it Mar 12, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: This didn't work for me.

I like the friends to lovers trope and I like Noelle Adams. I've read most of her books and I've enjoyed them some more than others, of course. This book didn't seem to have a lot of Noelle Adams in it. It needs more proof reading - there are typos and consistent misuse of "then" instead of "than". The characters don't have a lot to them.

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The heroine, Isabella, is kind of stupid, clueless and expects the hero, Jace, to pander to her. I didn't like her very much. And Ja This didn't work for me. And Jace needs to get a spine. There seems to be a continuity error, too. In the beginning, Jace's sister, Erin, brings her bird over for him to watch while she goes on a two week vacation. At this point, they discuss Isabella and his feelings for her.

His sister knows just how bad he has it and how long he's secretly felt this way about Isabella. Toward the end of the book, when Erin finally is contacted to get her bird, what feels like a year later, Jace is shocked when Erin asks who he's dating - is it Isabella?

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Aug 25, Jessica Wannamaker rated it really liked it Shelves: Isabella and Jace were first introduced in the first preston mills book Jace and a Isabella are best friends, they've supported each other, taken cared of each other and it's really been just them. But she wants more so she lets the town start to set her up and Jace has to sit and be supportive even though he's been in love with her the entire time.

Through a series of bad dates, speed dating and set ups he got antsy and she started to see him in a different light- she'd always admired him and l Isabella and Jace were first introduced in the first preston mills book Jace and a Isabella are best friends, they've supported each other, taken cared of each other and it's really been just them.