Does she have more friends? So stop comparing and start blocking, because she might be looking at your profile and thinking the same thoughts, and neither of you deserves to feel inferior. If you want to believe that they love you the most, then go with that. You just know it. You can feel it in you bones. My advice is to regard her with the same level of interest and companionship that you would anyone who shares a similar life experience. This is kinda valid. I know, it sucks.

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You have so many feelings to share and you need someone to share them with. There is definitely value in talking it over with someone close to you, but be considerate of their time and patience. Sometimes, when you find out your ex has moved on, your brain broadcasts the following message on repeat: All he said was stop backing him in a corner. So after that I blocked him after him blaming me for everything him trying to wind me up with txt messages. I haven't been in contact with him since two weeks. Apart from him dropping my son back home. He saw me with a gentleman two weeks ago through the window.

Since then he picked my son up for contact and he said to me out the blue your gutted you are I asked him what he meant by that he just said I don't want to be with you no more. I asked him that two weeks ago like.

I found out after my son came back from contact that daddy's got a girlfriend. How's he suddenly got a girl in two weeks of him saying he was on his own and just goes to work and back. Hours chatting on the phone. Becouse he saw a guy in my house he said to my son its ok son daddy will have a girlfriend next time you come what's going on here can someone please tell me Tee - 6-Nov 2: Grey - Oct 6: Ex and i split over a year ago,and I honestly thought we would be able to co-parent in unison.

How wrong was I. Took up with a woman whose marriage broke down due to her affairs, taking her daughter on their dates immediately and moved in seven weeks later At that time our daughter started having panic attacks,and anxiety. Tests at doctors,weekly visits to a child therapist. Daughter found it all too much,and ex agreed their holiday would be just them two. When she got home she was so distraught that her dad had lied to her. She told him she wanted nothing to do with that part of his life and was unhappy he lied.

I really do want my daughter and her dad to have a good relationship, but at what price.? Sasha - Oct 4: Hello, What do i do if the new partner is claiming he is a parent of our child. The relationship is 2 years old and they keep Gouding me with this. They keep bad mouthing me to our child and my child is starting to imitate their language towards me. When I asked him to go stand by his coach incase he is called on the child said "you can't force me to do it" this language is something his mother says when I'm refused contact "he does not want to go and I'm not forcing him" this partner has verbally assaulted me at the football matches when the family court have ordered me to attend and he keeps ensuring that my child doesn't speak to me and tries to keep him away from me when I attend.

I'm fed up of all the hostility and arguements and feel that the situation is getting worse and our child is in the middle of it all and it's very upsetting for me, I have tried talking to them but they keep insisting on conflict instead of resoloution. Jay - 8-Oct Grant - Your Question:. Hi, my ex has gone on holiday with her new partner and has taken my daughter along. Our split was after years of bad feeling, a real breakdown.

Mistakes had been made and never forgotten. It was the right thing to do.

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I mate is amicable. Left the home with nothing just shared access with my daughter. A few months ago she asked for help with money to go away on holiday. Cyprus where her sister lives. Can I pay for the daughters flights. She has not paid the money back. In between then and now she has met a new fella. He books flights to Cyprus and they have gone together with my daughter.

I have paid for my ex to go on holiday with her new boyfriend of a couple of months. Any thoughts on how I can handle this? SeparatedDads - 9-Aug Grant - 8-Aug 3: Here is my story. Chris laurie - 3-Jul Here is my story to the world on how i got my love back and saved my marriage. I really love my husband so much that i can not even do without. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful priest who eventually helped me out with reunion love spell… I have never done things like this before but just decided to try reluctantly because I was desperate and left with no choice… He did special spiritual love spell … Within 7 days my husband called me and was sorry for all the emotional trauma he had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily, the kids are happy.

I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news… Just thought I should spread my experience cause I strongly believe someone out there needs it. NM Thanks for your reply. Their is absolutely no need for my ex to feel threatened. He should be happy that his children have another loving adult in their lives. Our household is firm and secure for our 4 children and that is all any parent should want.

But, im sad to say, i know it wont be long before he finds something else ridiculous to target us about. Thanks for reading x blueblack - Jun 4: If he was a confident parent he would be happy to share.

Maybe he just doesn't like your partner - but it sounds more like an alpha male testosterone thing. You know what men are like when faced with other men NM - Jun 1: Ben J Thank you for your reply. All this anger really hurts me. It just seems that my ex is ok with my h2b providing financial support for his children but would prefer they didnt form any emotional bond whereas my ex considers his w2b to be "best friends" with my children.

It just doesnt seem fair especially when i try to stick up for my relationship he states that im not supporting his relationship with his children. Surely as long as i dont hinder their contact either in person or phone etc then i dont actually need to re einforce anything. He shouldnt need me to if hes doing enough? Time my heal this rift and the dislike for your husband to be.

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When Your Ex Gets a New Partner

You could write your ex a letter explaining that he will always be the kids dad and you will make all the effort you can to ensure the relationship with his kids continues and that he will always be the main focus. But, he also has to meet you halfway. If he doesn't and continues to be narrow-minded about this there is not much you can do what does he expect you to do, remain single for the rest of your life?

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You can't please all of the people, all of the time. It would be nice to have a 'happy' divorce- some people can manage it, some can't. BenJ - Jun Advice for needed please This is not the case as my h2b would not allow that for his own child. He accepts i am remarrying but i feel this anamocity will never end and i also feel that is unjustified.

My h2b is is a good man and works very hard to provide for us all which i think my ex should be pleased about but he sees it as my h2b trying to take over him as a dad. My h2b will not be "dad" to my kids he will be my husband.

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  5. Weird things we ALL do when an ex starts dating someone new.

How can i create peace here? TIA blueblack - Jun 8: Catch me - Jun 6: Extremely tough to do but may be the only solution Chase - Jun 3: Catch me - Jun 1: So my ex and I separated after her affairs,she now is engaged to our old neighbor who has 30 mil in the bank.

They spoil my daughter like crazy and I cannot play that game. My ex even planned fathers day away with him to keep her away from me. I fear I am losing my daughter for good,she is 17 and now has the party house and trips and money to do whatever she wants. I do not know how to rebuild a father daughter relationship that she is clearly not wanting now that she is allowed to do whatever she wants.

Here’s What You Need To Realize If Your Ex Moved On Quickly | Thought Catalog

Linda - Your Question:. So I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and we live together. What legally can she do about this?! Please help with some advice.

SeparatedDads - Jun Linda - Jun 6: ScaredDad - Your Question:. So my ex-wife and I that are not divorced yet have been separated for a year and a half. The days he would watch my son he would have his 1 year old daughter as well.