The women are paired up and told that they are to compose lyrics for a track from Bret's solo album a ballad or a rock song , which they will perform for the two judges: Bret and radio personality Richard Blade. The winning team gets a date with Bret. Lacey and Erin choose the ballad. Lacey sings while Erin fearfully plays the tambourine.

Heather and Magdalena sing and dance together. Jes and Brandi M. Mia and Rodeo's rock song lyrics reflect Rodeo's desire to see her son. Sam and Brandi C. Heather and Magdalena are taken for sushi at The Geisha House, where Bret presents each with an electric guitar. Bret pays more attention to Heather stating that he thinks Heather could be the one. They arrive back at the house to find a party in progress.

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Heather joins in the fun, dancing topless. The scene ends as Lacey, Brandi C. The next morning, the other women discuss the three who spent the night in Bret's room. A rumor is spread around that Lacey gave Bret oral sex. Sam is disappointed that her date feels cheapened and considers going home. A hungover Bret arrives to take Sam and Brandi C. Bret presents them with acoustic guitars.

Rock Of Love

Sam discusses her trust issues privately with Bret. She decides to remain in the house. Breaking format, Bret surprisingly eliminates Rodeo first. He tells her she needs to go to be with her son and gives her his custom-made cowboy hat as a parting gift.

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Bret then starts to get down to business and gives Mia the first pass. Jes receives her pass followed by Erin, Brandi M. This week's challenge is a football competition in the mud. The most valuable player of the game gets to go out on a one-on-one date with Bret, while the rest of the winning team goes on a group date with Bret. Lacey injures her ankle on the field when tackled by Jes.

Team Sweethearts win the competition, and Jes is named most valuable player. During Jes's date, Bret plays a song that he wrote. Jes says that she feels that she can let her guard down around Bret and the two have a really nice date together. Back at the house, Heather overhears Erin on the phone saying that Justin Timberlake will be at her bar and she would have been waiting on him.


Heather writes a letter to Bret criticizing the other women. Heather talks to Bret about what she overheard during Erin's phone call. During the group date, Bret tells the other women about the letter, who tell him not to believe it. After the group date, the other women confront Heather about what she wrote in the letter, and Heather claims the letter was all about her and how she feels about Bret. Lacey discusses the letter with Bret privately. At elimination Jes, Mia, Brandi M.

Afterwards, Erin says that she has been with bigger stars than Bret Michaels. During this week's challenge, the women have to perform stunts patterned after a musician's life on the road. The women celebrate Bret's birthday. Sam dances on the pole to Bret's delight. Heather and Lacey try to make Sam really jealous by grinding up on Bret.

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Sam leaves the party to go to her room. Bret talks to Sam the next morning. Sam is packing up her things and talks to Bret about her jealousy issues and why she is so mistrusting. Sam decided not to leave after all. While Bret and Brandi M. The next morning, Bret talks to Magdalena about why she is so distant. Magdalena doesn't have much to say to him, and at elimination she is chosen to go home.

First aired August 26, 2.

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The women design and pose for a mock album cover. Jes, Lacey, and Sam's team do a cover with Lacey posing suggestively over Sam. Mia, Heather, and Brandi M. Both Lacey and Heather are shown trying to take control of their respective photo shoots, despite Jes and Mia's positions as creative directors. Bret chooses Jes, Lacey, and Sam's team as the winners. As a reward, Jes wins a solo date, and Lacey and Sam win a tandem date. Lacey tells Bret that she feels she was the real creative force behind the album cover.

Later, Jes asks Bret why he is keeping Lacey around when she seems so fake and crazy; Bret responds that "there's just something about her. Lacey and Sam ride in a convertible Bentley on their tandem date with Bret. While Lacey is in the bathroom, Sam asks Bret why he is keeping Lacey around when he knows that she can be manipulative.

Bret now sheepishly admits he doesn't know why. Back at the house, Brandi M. After they take several pictures, they stick them to the door of his room for him to see. Bret is certainly surprised by the pictures. Mia tries to discuss the situation with Bret, but he decides it is too late for explanations. At dinner, Lacey begins to talk about her animal rights interests, which annoys Brandi M.

Brandi tells Bret that she is annoyed with Lacey. Bret notices that no one else likes Lacey, and that she might not just be "crazy for me," but "really crazy. During elimination, Bret says that any connection he feels with Mia is "too little, too late. Bret's "super fans" interview and interact with the remaining five contestants. The three women ask pointed and prying questions to get truthful answers. Sam is now depressed and questions if she should even stay in the game. After the interviews, the super fans decide that Heather should go on the date with Bret, and while they are on their date, the super fans spend time with Jes, Brandi M, Sam and Lacey.

On the date, Heather gets her first tattoo, which is the word "Bret" on the back of her neck. During the time at the house, the super fans join the girls for drinks and conversation. The super fans and Jes with "help" from Brandi M. Lacey admits in a voiceover that she is just going along to talk to Sam to look good. The super fans challenge Lacey and say that she has not shown anything real yet, and Lacey turns on the waterworks, suggesting that no one knows how sensitive she truly is. Later in another voiceover, she insinuates she was being disingenuous again.

After returning from his date with Heather, Bret meets with the super fans again and they tell him that Jes is special and that Lacey is not for him. Bret states that all the other girls in the house think Lacey is crazy, so why not his super fans?

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At the elimination, Heather gets the first pass, followed by Jes, then Brandi M. Bret calls Lacey down and gives her the last pass and then tells Sam that her tour has ended. Sam promises to remain friends and Bret tells her that he hoped she would say they would remain more. After sharing a long passionate kiss, Sam leaves the house and says that if Bret has to make her go home that was the way to do it.